The 2021 Grammys Have Been Delayed Over COVID-19 Concerns [Updated]

The 2021 Grammys show has been delayed from its original January 31 air date over COVID-19 safety concerns. No new date has been announced yet.

2020 NHL draft rankings: Peters’ updated early-season top 25 prospects

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Be Wicked Rolls Out 5 New Styles, Updated Packaging

Be Wicked has added five new lingerie styles to its revamped collection and officially rolled out its new packaging that debuted at last month’s ANME. – Pleasure & Retail

Apple Unveils Updated MacBook Air & MacBook Pro For Back-To-School Season

Apple Macbook Air and MacBook Pro

Source: Apple

Before Apple drops macOS Catalina, the company announced it has updated its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with new hardware and even a price cut, right on time for back-to-school season.

Today (July 9 ) Apple announced it has updated the MacBook Air will now be adding True Tone to its Retina Display to give users  “a more natural viewing experience.” The price for the air is also being lowered to $ 1,099 ($ 999 if you’re a college student). This update follows the announcement of the company’s new Air model it unveiled last year, October in Brooklyn.

Apple Macbook Air and MacBook Pro

Source: Apple

The 13-inch MacBook Pro won’t see a price cut but will now have the latest 8th-generation quad-core processors, which will make it “two-times more powerful than before” as well as Touch ID, a True Tone Retina display and the Apple T2 Security Chip. The uber-popular model will also come with a Touch Bar and Touch ID completely doing away with the previous models that did not feature the Touch Bar. The entry-level model will cost $ 1,299 ($ 1,199 for students) if you are looking at the 8GB of ram and 128GB SSD model, the price bumps up to $ 1,499 for 256GB.

This might be the first time the Air looks more attractive than the Pro model based on what you’re are getting for the money you are spending. Apple also announced that both models will be a part of its back-to-school promotion which will include a pair of Beats Studio 3 Wireless headphones with qualifying Mac purchases.

Tom Boger, Apple’s senior director of Mac Product Marketing on the updates:

“College students love the Mac — it’s the notebook they rely on from the dorm room to the classroom, and the No. 1 choice among higher education students. With a lower $ 999 student price for MacBook Air and the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro with faster performance, Touch Bar and Touch ID at $ 1,199 for students, there’s never been a better time to bring a Mac to college.”

RIP 12-inch Macbook.

Photo: Apple

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Vibratex Now Shipping Magic Wand With Updated Packaging

Vibratex is now shipping the Magic Wand, Magic Wand Plus and Magic Wand Rechargeable with updated packaging to its retail partners. – Pleasure & Retail

PlusOne Unveils Updated Bullet Vibrator

Sexual wellness brand plusOne has unveiled an updated version of its Bullet Vibrator. – Pleasure & Retail

Cloud 9 Novelties Launches Updated F-Slider Pro Sex Chair

Cloud 9 Novelties has rolled out its new F-Slider Pro Sex Chair. – Pleasure & Retail

Persuasion Reading List – Updated 1/18

Update: New Book added: Win Bigly – By Scott Adams

Readers of this blog have been asking me to update my persuasion reading list. If you wonder why people are asking a cartoonist about persuasion, it is because I am a trained hypnotist, and mention that skill often in the context of blogging and Periscoping. I have also studied the various tools of persuasion for years because they are helpful in my job as a writer. In my New York Times best selling book Win Bigly I teach you President Trump’s world-class persuasion techniques that you can use for your work or personal life.

I recommend reading these books in the order listed. If you decide to skip a few, I strongly recommend reading the first book on the list, Influence, as a grounding for the rest.

Influence – by Robert B. Cialdini PhD

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life – by Scott Adams

Win Bigly – By Scott adams (Persuasion Tips based on the 2016 election)

Impossible to Ignore – Dr. Carmen Simon

Trump: The Art of the Deal – Donald J. Trump

What Every BODY is Saying – by Joe Navarro

The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business – by Charles Duhigg

Thinking, Fast and Slow – by Daniel Kahneman

Salt Sugar Fat – by Michael Moss

Pre-Suasion – By Robert B. Cialdini PhD

Win Your Case: How to Present, Persuade, and Prevail–Every Place, Every Time  – by Gerry Spence

How to Win Friends & Influence People – by Dale Carnegie

The Design of Everyday Things – by Don Norman

How to Write a Good Advertisement – by Victor O. Schwab

The Secret to Selling Anything – by Harry Browne

The One Sentence Persuasion Course – 27 Words to Make the World Do Your Bidding – by Blair Warren

Note: I removed several books from earlier versions of the list to give it some focus. I also removed the books about hypnosis because you can’t effectively learn that sort of skill from books.


I started a Patreon account to fund — via micro-donations as low as one dollar — the expansion of my Periscope content on the topic of persuasion, usually about politics. Step One involves converting my Periscope videos into audio-only podcast form for greater reach. That work is in progress. I’ll work on topic indexes next, and perhaps topic summaries in text form. YouTube is a lower priority because fans already post my Periscopes there. At some point I might do that myself.

Patreon funding will motivate me to express my opinions as often as practical without worrying about the sensibilities of sponsors, advertisers, or corporate bosses. I appreciate all of you who are making this happen.

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NFL Playoff Picture: Updated seeds after Week 15

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DJ Paul “Master Of Evil” Release Date, Cover Art & Updated Tour Schedule

UPDATE: The album is slated to feature Juicy J, Lord Infamous and Lil Wyte.

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Cara Delevingne Has a New Lip Ring—Come See the Photos (UPDATED)

There are many things in life that Cara Delevingne can do cooler than anybody else: smudgy eye makeup, androgynous outfits, moody stares, eyebrows. Now we can tack another item onto that list: lip piercings. The…

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Shirley Manson’s Facebook Letter Was Not Aimed At Kanye West [UPDATED]

UPDATE: A rep for Shirley Manson told Us Weekly that the singer’s Facebook post this weekend addressed to “He who shall remain nameless,” was not, in fact, aimed at the rapper.

PREVIOUSLY: Shirley Manson and Kanye West are not on good terms.

After the frontwoman for Garbage slammed West for his post-Grammys rant about Beck, he apparently sent her a less than friendly email. While the 37-year-old rapper has since publicly apologized to Beck on Twitter, it seems that nothing has been settled between Yeezy and Manson.

This past weekend, the 48-year-old Scottish rocker took to Facebook to write a scathing letter addressed to “He who shall remain nameless,” aka Kanye West.

“What alarms me more than anything about your nasty little barbs is that you are in the business of representing artists interests and yet you are clearly unaware that not all musicians are obsessed with the charts or being famous,” she wrote, adding, “That some of us just enjoy making music and having a long lifespan of a career without having to dance as fast as we can, or be the loudest clown in town or be having to hitch ourselves to the latest, greatest, freshest sound in order to remain ‘on top.'”

Later in the lengthy letter, the singer wrote:

“Clearly you are unable to wrap your head around the idea that some musicians actually prefer NOT having to perform on Children’s TV shows. Who do NOT want to be gossiped about in the popularity contest columns. Who most definitively do NOT want to be chased by paparazzi and who do NOT want to put their family name to some shitty, poorly made product in order to build a “brand” and who most definitely do NOT want to go out every night, dressed up to the nines to the opening of an envelope.”

Manson wrapped up her blistering remarks in a way that only further drove home the point that there doesn’t seem to be any hope for a reconciliation between the two in the future. “So now then sir, that all said, Go F#CK yourself,” she wrote.

Style – The Huffington Post
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UPDATED Get a Sneak Peek of Bumbo’s Restaurant and Bar at The Hamtramck Music Festival

UPDATED Get a Sneak Peek of Bumbo’s Restaurant and Bar at The Hamtramck Music FestivalBumbo's will be serving drinks during the festival. Contemporary Polish restaurant, Bumbo's, is still in the process of being built-out, but those who want to take a peek inside the rapidly transforming restaurant are invited to visit during this weekend's Hamtramck Music Festival, according to a post on the restaurant's Facebook page. Owners Brian and Tia Krawczyk will be serving drinks in their upcoming restaurant and bar space located inside the former Hank's Lounge at 3001 Holbrook St. The couple received a grant last November from the Detroit Lions to build-out their kitchen.

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