Twitter Wants Allison Janney to Play the Voter Named Paulette Who Just Called Donald Trump “So Handsome”

Allison Janney, Paulette DaleIf you thought you’d seen it all, think again.
The 2020 presidential election has been filled with more viral moments than any of the past elections combined–and that’s no…

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Kylie Jenner Bikini Pic Has Insane Impact on Voter Registration

Kylie Jenner is flexing her political influence in a very impressive way … turning your standard IG thirst trap into nearly 50,000 potential new registered voters! TMZ’s learned Kylie’s smoke show bikini pics — posted Monday — are drawing huge…


TMZ Celebrity News for Beauty

Episode 1135 Scott Adams: Details on the Coup Plotters Emerge, BLM Focuses on Revenge Over Solutions, Hacking Voter Brains

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  • CNN dark…on the biggest story in the history of America?
  • Is Biden the candidate…to protect those guilty of a coup?
  • Is BLM a REVENGE oriented movement?
  • 8 AM…How’s Joe doing today, another “lid” this morning?
  • When the election is not deemed credible…then what?
  • Kim Jong-Un issues apology

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‘We Can Fight From A Position Of Strength’: Stacey Abrams On Battling Voter Suppression

Stacey Abrams speaks to MTV News about voter suppression and how to fight it, in light of her Amazon documentary ‘All In: The Fight for Democracy.’ ‘We can fight from a position of strength,’ she says.

Episode 267 Scott Adams: Saudi Excuses, #JobsNotMobs, Voter Turnout


  • Paul Krugman’s IQ, credentials and his tweet this morning…TDS
  • The persuasion that’s propelling the #JobsNotMobs slogan
  • #FentanylChina, 30K Americans killed per year
    • Arresting and/or assassinating the lab owners has value
    • President Trump considering China postage increase
  • Thought experiment: Big tech decides to impact election results
    • Algorithms be tweaked to target only GOP and discourage voting
  • Sight of American flag influences voting GOP, pre-suasion example
  • President Trump, the last President who isn’t owned by anybody
  • Saudi explanation of Khashoggi event…not plausible
  • Adam Schiff’s (and other dems) wide-eyed look, what does it mean?
    • Lying?
    • Hallucinating?
    • Both?

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The post Episode 267 Scott Adams: Saudi Excuses, #JobsNotMobs, Voter Turnout appeared first on Dilbert Blog.

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