Jay-Z goes into the legal weed business

Billionaire rapper Jay-Z is entering the fast-growing cannabis industry, taking a role with California company Caliva as a strategist.

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Weed Whacker Accident

A woman was working in her yard with the weed whacker, when she accidentally cut off the tail of her cat.

She ran screaming into the house, and told her husband, wondering what to do.

He replied calmly, “Get the cat, and the tail, and we’ll take them to Wal-Mart.”

She was incredulous. “How could that possibly help?” she asked.

“Well,” he replied, “they’re the world’s largest retailer.”

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Social Media Star Fatboy SSE Arrested for Possession of Weed

Fatboy SSE — the comedic social media influencer co-starring with Master P in his “I Got the Hook Up” sequel — hooked up with cops who busted him for marijuana and outstanding warrants. According to cops in Jersey City, Fatboy was pulled over…


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Rapper Skinnyfromthe9 Handcuffed in Hollywood Weed Bust, But Not Arrested

[[tmz:video id=”0_0d740hez”]] Skinnyfromthe9 found himself in cuffs at the end of fun night in Hollywood, but luckily … cops cut him a break. Video of the incident — obtained by TMZ — shows the rapper standing outside a white ride being detained by a…


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Snoop Is Wrong for Backing NFL’s Weed Rules, Says David Irving

[[tmz:video id=”1_b3d5y3ny”]] Snoop Dogg’s claim that David Irving was “not smart” to quit the NFL in a pot-smoking blaze of glory is just “ignorant” … so says Irving, who now has a message for the rap legend.  Snoop went after Irving…


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Libertarian Journalist Came For Kamala Harris’ Weed Smoking, Got Facts Wrong

Kamala Harris on The Breakfast Club

Source: Power 105 / Power 105

In the wake of Sen. Kamala Harris announcing a run for president, a growing chorus of dissent has risen from both the Left and the Right. A Libertarian journalist took aim at Harris’ admittance that she smoked weed while in college and tried to blow holes in her timeline, but the presidential hopeful never said what she’s being accused of by her critics.

Crooks and Liars report:

Turns out Nick Gillespie’s timeline calculations are a little off. He claims Harris says she smoked pot while listening to Snoop Dogg in college. She didn’t.

Nick Gillespie followed up his lie with a lot of concern trolling about who Kamala Harris locked up while she was Attorney General of California.

It’s fascinating how they can push the “Democrat open borders leads to MURDER” and the “Kamala Harris was a meanie prosecutor” memes at the same time.

I’m sorry to break it to the tighty-whitey guys at Reason Magazine, but Kamala Harris is not talking to you.

Thanks to the good sleuth work of Keith Boykin, it’s shown that Sen. Harris never said she listened to Snoop Dogg in college.

She did say she smoked weed and listened to 2Pac and Snoop but she never offered a timeline nor linked it to her time in school. Further, she’s said she’s since stopped toking.

In fairness, Harris still has her fair share of critics who won’t rest until they find a breaking point. In fact, some are noting under Boykin’s tweet that Harris was already working in her field and still lighting up but again, nothing has been confirmed.

Photo: Power 105

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Episode 259 Scott Adams: Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Weed


  • CA Senator Dana Rohrabacher says: After the midterms…
    • Trump will federally legalize medical marijuana
    • Recreational legalization will be a state decision
  • The Jamal Khashoggi controversy and mystery
    • Contrast between an actual dictator and a clever Tweeter
    • One (allegedly) uses a bone saw…the other uses Twitter
  • US economy is so strong, we’re raising interest rates to slow it down
    • China’s economy doesn’t have the same headroom as US
  • A “good” President…is one that fits the times
    • Obama was a good President for his time
    • Trump is a good President for our current time
  • “Cultural Gravity” holds back some groups of people, propels others

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Inside the Lab That’s Making Sure Your Weed Is Safe

As cannabis use goes recreational in California, producers are facing a reckoning: They’ll either have to clean up their act, or get out of the legal market.
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’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Jorge Nava Gets 2.5 Years for Weed Bust, Says No Split with Wife

[[tmz:video id=”0_rptjqfp7″]] Jorge Nava — the “90 Day Fiancé” star who was arrested with nearly 300 pounds of weed in his car — has received his punishment and he’s pissed … but he says there’s a silver lining. Nava tells TMZ … his lawyer was…


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Weed Garden – EP – Iron & Wine

Iron & Wine - Weed Garden - EP  artwork

Weed Garden – EP

Iron & Wine

Genre: Alternative

Price: $ 4.99

Release Date: August 31, 2018

© ℗ 2018 Sub Pop Records

iTunes Store: Top Albums in Alternative

Demi Lovato’s Team Wants to Weed Out Her Toxic Relationships After Rehab

Demi Lovato’s team is hell-bent on getting her back to good health and keeping her there … which is why they plan to help her weed out all of her bad influences. Sources close to Demi tell us … there will be a major focus on separating her from toxic…


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Denver Broncos WR Carlos Henderson Cuts Deal In Weed Eating Case

The Denver Broncos WR who allegedly tried to hide weed from the cops — by shoveling it into his mouth — is catching a break … because he’s not going to jail for his afternoon snack. As we previously reported, Carlos Henderson was arrested in…


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Ex-NBA Player Glen “Big Baby” Davis Arrested For Selling Hella Weed

San Antonio Spurs v Los Angeles Clippers - Game Five

Source: Stephen Dunn / Getty

Ex-NBA player Glen “Big Baby” Davis was arrested for allegedly selling a gang of weed out of a hotel room. The former NBA champion got popped at a Hampton Inn in Maryland. 

Per ABC Baltimore, Big Baby actually got pinched last month and that was the start of the struggle.

According to court records, the hotel owner smelled marijuana coming from Davis’ room on February 7th.

When the owner knocked on room 208, someone inside the room told him to “F*@# off!”

Aberdeen police then responded to the hotel and Davis gave signed consent to search his room

“They recovered 126 grams of marijuana,” said Aberdeen Police Lieutenant William Reiber, “In addition to that there was a brief case that contained 92,164 dollars of U.S. currency along with a ledger that contained language which is consistent with someone involved in the sale and distribution of narcotics.”

The ledger was of names of people of who owed money along with baggies for individual packaging of a quarter pound of marijuana.

The strains were called “Sour D” and “Berry,” all from a Los Angeles wholesaler court records show Davis told police he was in business with.

Davis was eventually charged with seven counts of drug possession and distribution, weeks later.

Big Baby says he is innocent and is due back in court next month. His last NBA action was for the Los Angeles Clippers in 2015.

Since the news is out, Big Baby posted a response. See on the flip (Note: It didn’t really help his cause). But the Popeye’s did look delicious.

Photo: Getty

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’90 Day Fiancé’ Star Arrested for 293 Pounds of Weed

Keeping a self-proclaimed gold digger happy knows no bounds … just ask this guy from the show “90 Day Fiancé” who got busted for allegedly trying to sell 300 pounds of weed.  Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Jorge Nava — who met…


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Inside the Lab That’s Making Sure Your Weed Is Safe

As cannabis use goes recreational in California, producers are facing a reckoning: They’ll either have to clean up their act, or get out of the legal market.
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Roger Stone Thinks Trump Should Fire Sessions Over Weed Crackdown

[[tmz:video id=”0_5opb06cw”]] Roger Stone wants Donald Trump to let the American people legally toke, like he promised in the campaign — and if Jeff Sessions is standing in the way … smoke him out. We got President Trump’s former adviser in NYC,…


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A Boogie Shows Up to Court for Rapper Don Q’s Gun, Weed Arraignment

Rapper Don Q is one lucky son of a gun — one day after getting busted for weapons and drugs, he strolled outta jail, much to the delight of his famous friend.  Q was arrested Thursday for felony possession of a .22 caliber Beretta and unlawful…


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Packers TE Lance Kendricks Busted For Weed In Sept.

Green Bay Packers tight end Lance Kendricks was cited for having weed in his car back in September after getting pulled over for speeding … TMZ Sports has learned. Here’s what we know … Kendricks was clocked going 81 in a 70 mph zone when he was on…


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Master P Sues Cannabis Company for Leaving His Weed Brand High and Dry

Master P teamed up with a cannabis company to help spread his own brand of bud across California, but it bailed on him and cost him millions … according to a new suit. The rap mogul joined the legal cannabis industry in November 2016 with the…


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Rapper Drag-On’s Medical Emergency, Sometimes Weed and Concerts Don’t Mix

[[tmz:video id=”0_9pv8ve5n”]] Drag-On — one of the original members of the Ruff Ryders label — had a rough time at an outdoor concert … ending up in the ER. The rapper was performing in Atlantic City late last week, went into the crowd — which is…


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Tyga & Blac Chyna — No Cigarettes Around Our Son … But What About Weed?

Tyga and Blac Chyna will have to be extra careful not to puff any smoke near their son … or they could face the wrath of the family law judge … but there could be an enormous loophole. TMZ got a copy of the former couple’s custody order for…


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Judge Cites Dame Dash’s Weed Habit In Child Custody Ruling

UPDATE: Dash was seeking unmonitored visits with his daughter.

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Damon Dash — Judge Sides With Ex-Wife … You’ve Got A Weed Problem

Damon Dash was shut down in court Thursday during a custody hearing for his two kids, and a judge made it very clear … Damon hurt his chances by smoking too much pot.  Dash wanted an LA judge to drop the monitored visits he currently has with…


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The Who — Puff, Puff … Shove That Weed Up Your Ass! (VIDEO)

****WARNING: Video contains graphic language***** Roger Daltrey damn near shut down The Who’s latest concert because someone was smoking marijuana, and video of the incident is graphic — for its severely un-rock and roll nature.  During…


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Man Hospitalized After Eating Daughter’s Weed Brownies, Thought He Was Having A Stroke

A Michigan man was hospitalized Wednesday (March 25) after he mistakenly gorged on weed brownies. His teenage daughter didn’t bother to put a disclaimer on her chocolate treats, because she didn’t think anyone would eat them.

Yeah, she was wrong about that.

Reprots My Fox Detroit:

The 58-year-old Independence Township man told first responders he thought he was having a stroke.

He thought maybe his daughter had drugged him.

The 17 year-old girl made the brownies with marijuana she says she got from a friend.

She told police she left them out on the kitchen counter — not thinking anyone would eat them.

The man was released from the hospital and is expected to be okay.

The girl is a Clarkston High School student and will likely face criminal charges.

In case you’re not aware, weed brownies could kill you. Marijuana today is not your marijuana of the 1960s or 70s,” said Mike McCabe of the Oakland County Sherif’s Office. “The THC level is multiple times more potent. Depending how much marijuana was baked into those brownies, it could lead to someone being violently ill. It could also lead to death.”

Authorities seized the baked goods.

Photo: screenshot

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Snoop Dogg — Marshawn Lynch Doesn’t Smoke Weed

[[tmz:video id=”0_u724edo8″]] He might have a strain of weed named after him … and he’s always craving Skittles … but Marshawn Lynch is no stoner … so says Snoop Dogg.  In fact, when our guy brought up the Beastmode strain that started hitting…


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Biden Worries Legalized Weed In D.C. Will Cut Into His Business

WASHINGTON—Claiming that his operation would be “completely dicked over” by an influx of product, Vice President Joe Biden reportedly became increasingly worried this week that the recent legalization of marijuana in Washington, D.C.

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