Every Rose as It’s Worn

The rose, one of nature’s great paradoxes — exquisite in its physical beauty and fragrance, whether hearty and bold or apparently delicate, yet dangerous and ever ready to draw blood.
That dichotomy has made roses a source of fascination throughout history. Countless cultures and religions have celebrated the glorious bloom, spinning tales around its creation and imbuing it with all kinds of meaning, the most constant, as a symbol of passion, love, eternity. Yet the rose has always had a rueful side to which creatives have long been drawn — painters, poets, playwrights and more drawn to its mystery, moodiness and in-full-view decay. Among those variously smitten: Yeats, Tennessee Williams, Robert Mapplethorpe and Mike Fleiss — the genius who created “The Bachelor.”
Fashion, too, has long romanced the rose. While that thought of rose-bedecked clothes might, at first, conjure images of sartorial schmaltz, the reality is in fact as varied as the flower types itself with designers, like other artistic types, often focusing on the bloom’s moodier incarnations. Such was the case with fall, a season in which roses bloomed everywhere, including on the runways of some of fashion’s most provocative and powerful creators. Miuccia Prada, Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli, Antonio Marras and

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3 Generations Of Tight-Knit Family Have Worn This Sweater For School Picture Day

Figuring out what to wear for school picture day can be stressful, but this kid had his outfit picked out before he was even born.

In early October, Brady Gose, 7, from Brownsburg, Indiana, became the third generation in his family to wear the same sweater for school picture day. Five of the Gose males have worn the gray pullover for their first-grade pictures since the 1950s, and Brady took on the tradition with dignity and style.

“If we had a family heirloom, this simple store-bought sweater is it,” Chuck Gose, Brady’s father, told The Huffington Post in an email. “As Brady’s dad, it means the world to see his pride in wearing the sweater.”

Gose’s father and two uncles all wore the sweater for their first-grade pictures when they lived in Maine, simply because their grandmother thought it would be fun. That sentiment stuck, and Gose’s parents had him wear it for his own first-grade picture in 1982, in Springboro, Ohio, catching the attention of a local newspaper.

After his father’s death in 1999, before Brady was born, Gose had every intention of honoring both the tradition and his family.

“The sweater is a way for his memory to live on, not only to my son but also future generations,” he told HuffPost. “I know that he would be proud to see the grandson he never met carrying on the tradition.”

The sweet symbolism of the sweater has resonated with the family’s Brownsburg community, making the 7-year-old feel like a small town star, with a bright smile to match.

“I think it’s the simplicity of the story is why people have enjoyed it. It’s not fancy. It’s not glamorous,” Gose said. “It centers around a symbolic time like school pictures.”


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Jon Stewart is Auctioning His ‘Daily Show’ Worn Suits on Ebay

You can now own one of Stewart’s made-to-measure Armani suits. Just one catch: The host is only 5-foot-7.
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Twin Sisters Have Worn Matching Clothes Every Day For Nearly 15 Years

One of the perks of having a sister is being able to raid each other’s closets and share clothes. But for twin sisters Kathy Heffernan and Rose Coles, sharing clothes has a completely different meaning.

Identical twins Rosey Coles and Kathy Heffernan on vacation in 2013.

The sisters have been dressing alike for nearly 15 years — and they’re in their 60s. “The reaction is very good actually, and we get lots of nice remarks,” Coles told the UK’s Express. “People always say it is unusual to see twins that are our age dressing the same.”

The identical twins began dressing alike when they were teenagers but stopped when they got married and no longer lived together. Then, in 2000, both of them became single again. They decided to move closer to one another in Aldershot, England and to start dressing identically again.

Rosey Coles (left), and Kathy Heffernan, both age 10 in 1963.

Every day since then, the duo wear the exact same outfit when they go out, whether it’s to work, to go on vacation or to hit the town for a night out. And it’s gotten them both quite a bit of attention. “When we are on our own separately, people don’t take notice of us. But when there are two of us, it is like a magnet,” Coles said, adding that people often ask to take pictures with them. “It makes me feel like a celebrity a bit, I think I know how they feel a little bit now,” Heffernan said.

The pair say it was an easy decision as they have similar tastes in clothes and have become closer since their marriages ended. “We just got close again. It just happened sort of automatically … It made us feel very close again,” Heffernan said.

It’s not uncommon for twins to dress alike, especially as children. Occasionally, adult twins do as well. One photographer even made a photo series of twins of all ages dressing alike.

As for Coles and Heffernan, they now live next door to one another, which we can only guess makes choosing outfits much easier.

“We’ll do it forever — as long as we can,” Coles said. “We just enjoy it.”

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