How to Write Music – Clement A. Harris & Mallinson Randall

Clement A. Harris & Mallinson Randall - How to Write Music  artwork

How to Write Music

Clement A. Harris & Mallinson Randall

Genre: Music

Publish Date: January 1, 1917

Publisher: Public Domain

Seller: Public Domain

Written by the English pianist and composer Clement Harris (1871-1897), this volume explains the basics of music notation, from paper choice, notation of rhythm, placing of notes, to copyright and proof reading. Published in 1917.

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Defying the odds – Freya Ridings overcame dyslexia to write her own music

The up-and-coming singer-songwriter, currently on tour in the US, won fans with her UK music charts debut, “Lost Without You” which peaked at no.9. Rough cut (no reporter narration)

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Write Your Own Camming Script

Life kicks a Hollywood movie’s ass, because let me tell you, nothing that any screenwriter can make up compares with the real thing. – Opinion

Kanye West Returns to Wyoming to Write Songs with Travis Scott & Co.

Kanye West probably isn’t gonna have to climb a mountain to wrap up his new album, ’cause he’s got some friends tagging along with him now to make the hike easier. Kanye went back to Wyoming this past week with a lot of other people … we’re told to…


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Hulk Write Book

One day Hulk was sitting in his office, and decided to write a book. Other well known book characters liked his idea and soon pens were flying!!
Despite what you might have thought, it didn’t go over well and people would not buy their books. For the life of me I can’t figure out why.

Here is a selection:

Anger Management by Hulk

Be the Life of the Party by Batman

Keep Your Feet on the Ground by Superman

How to Let Go of the Things You Love by Frodo Baggins

Tanning Basics by Snow White

How to be Hot by Mr. Freeze

And its companion: How to be Cool by Human Torch

How to Fit In by The Thing

The Life of a Mature Man by The Joker

Being a Modest Woman in Today’s World by Wonder Woman and Black Cat

How to be Flexible by Frankenstein

How to Keep a Straight Face in All Situations by Mr. Flexible

How to Raise Your IQ by Bullwinkle Moose

Easy Manicures by Wolverine

How to Get Over Schizophrenia by Dr. Jekyll

The Complete Book of Manners by Venom

Practicing Good Hygiene by Count Olaf

How to Come Out of Your Shell for Young Adults by the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

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Darryl “DMC” McDaniels To Write For Marvel Comics

(AllHipHop News) Darryl “DMC” McDaniels of Run-DMC and his partner Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez are joining the Marvel Comics family. According to CBR, the Darryl Makes Comics founders will contribute to Guardians of Infinity #3 in February.

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Guardians of Infinity features characters from Guardians 3000. Drax, Rocket Raccoon, Groot and others from the modern team are a part of the series as well. Infinity will also introduce a brand new team called the Guardians 1000.

DMC and Miranda-Rodriguez are listed as writers along with artist Dan Abnett for #3. Gary Choo will design the cover. The 40 page comic will run for $ 4.99.

Darryl Makes Comics is an independent comic book imprint created by McDaniels, Editor-in-Chief Miranda-Rodriguez, and Senior Editor Riggs Morales.

“Hip Hop was always based on creativity. So what we’re trying to do with this comic book is not trying to create anything that’s new; we’re just going to show the world what’s already there… the beauty and the creativity of it,”  stated DMC about his comic brand.

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6 Things Working Women Should Never Write in Email

working women

By now, you’ve likely heard about the essay Jennifer Lawrence wrote for the Lenny newsletter discussing the gender pay gap earlier this week. If not, here’s a quick synopsis: JLaw explained that after the Sony hack—which leaked emails showing she took home a lot less money than her American Hustle male costars Jeremy Renner, Christian Bale, and Bradley Cooper—she was mad. Not at Sony necessarily, but at herself. “I failed as a negotiator because I gave up early,” Lawrence wrote. She goes on to add that she didn’t barter aggressively because she didn’t want to be perceived as abrasive, but concludes by writing: “I’m over trying to find the ‘adorable’ way to state my opinion and still be likable!” Amen, sister.

On the heels of this, Alexandra Petri at The Washington Post geniusly took things one step further—identifying a language called “Woman in a Meeting,” and then translating famous sentences in history into how a woman in a meeting would have said them (An example: “Give me liberty, or give me death.” Woman in a Meeting: “Dave, if I could, I could just—I just really feel like if we had liberty it would be terrific, and the alternative would just be awful, you know? That’s just how it strikes me. I don’t know.”)

As a women’s studies minor and English literature major who’s now a working mom, and who’s read Tina Fey’s Bossy Pants, Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In, and Anne Marie Slaughter’s “Why Women Still Can’t Have It All,” this kind of speak is something I think about a lot. I’ve definitely recast an email a time or two because I’m cognizant of the Woman in a Meeting linguistic crutches and I don’t want to succumb to them. Sometimes I succeed—and sometimes I fail, giving in to the societal pull to sound less direct than I’d like out of a fear of seeming pushy, bossy, or, worst of all, shrill. I can guarantee these are things most men don’t spend time pondering. Don’t misread me, I’m not saying their way is always the right way. What I am saying is I’ve compiled a list of five words and phrases I’m actively trying to ban from sent folder. Working women: Please take note.

1. “I’m sorry . . .”
I’m not sorry anymore! We have to stop apologizing for asking people to do things, particularly when it’s something that’s part of their job.

2. “Just . . .”
We need to stop using this word as a way to weaken a request or our opinion.

3. “This might be a stupid question but . . .”
Like they said in school, there are no stupid questions. Well, sometimes there are—but ask, don’t caveat.

4. “I may be wrong but . . .”
Don’t lessen the impact of what you say before you say it.

5. “If you want my two cents . . . ”
A man usually gives his three cents and he certainly doesn’t offset it with this phrase.

6. “Does this make sense?”
I do this one a lot, and I can’t stand it. Trust that what you wrote makes sense. Don’t openly question in email whether or not your thinking is sensical.

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Write You a Song – Jon Pardi

Jon Pardi - Write You a Song  artwork

Write You a Song

Jon Pardi

Genre: Country

Price: $ 9.99

Release Date: January 14, 2014

© ℗ 2014 Capitol Records Nashville

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Why I Write Bisexual Romance

When I was a child my parents used to say I had “invisible friends” because I was often lost in some make-believe world of my own creation. Other kids wanted to play “cowboys and Indians” — I wanted to play the Indian chief’s pet hawk. I’ve never been good at playing the binary roles proscribed by society: even then I was looking for some alternative. So I invented worlds, other planets and magic realms, and populated them with my invisible friends.

It’s not a big jump from there to being a professional fiction writer.

These days I’m known for writing erotic romance and for being outspoken about “alternative” sexuality. You may have heard the term “bisexual invisibility.” It’s the phenomenon that means unless I’m wearing a T-shirt that says “Nobody Knows I’m Bisexual” OR am currently in the midst of Public Displays of Affection with a male-identified person and a female-identified person at the same time, people who look at me (or any other bisexual) will automatically assume I’m straight. Or maybe if they see me with a woman, they might assume I’m a lesbian.

This has always struck me as weird, since in my mind all people are “bisexual until proven otherwise.” But that’s because I’m an optimist. A bisexual optimist.

The result of living with all these constant assumptions by other people is that to stay sane, I’ve had to find ways to push back against the consensus reality that the mainstream tries to saddle me with. Like the time I wore my Bisexual Pride T-shirt to Disney World in the early ’90s. Talk about invisible friends! Disney employees would sidle up to my family and help us to skip the line, get a better viewing spot for the parade, seat us faster. Many many queerfolk worked at Disney and before they could be open about it, they looked after their own. In those days before Ellen, before Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, before Adam Lambert, before Will and Grace, any kind of queer visibility was precious and to be encouraged.

But I can’t wear that T-shirt every day. The default that people still stamp on me is “straight female.” There must be other ways to push back against the default.

My biggest one is writing itself. When I write, all my characters are bisexual until proven otherwise. My invisible friends earn their keep, not only by being part of how I make my living in fiction writing, but by keeping me sane, by giving me an outlet for all my urges and desires. I write erotic romance and most people make the assumption (there’s that word again) that the urges and desires are all about who I want to sleep with or fall in love with. But they are only half right. The other half of the equation is about who I want to BE.

In what I write I can be a swashbuckling masochist who fucks my way across the kingdom to rescue his true love, I can be a rock star struggling to reconcile his attraction to his lead singer, I can be the sex magician fighting to prove that love is even more important to him than sex itself. I can also be the ingenue having her first BDSM experience or the shy librarian falling for the hunky detective she’s hired to find her missing sister. Only one of these referenced books of mine would probably be categorizable as “bisexual romance,” while the rest are divvied up into gay and straight. Sound familiar?

What makes them “bisexual romance” for me may be invisible to the reader, though, because my characters’ bisexuality, if it’s not brought out by the plot, remains unmentioned. Or sometimes a mention is there, but if you blink–or are blinded by your assumptions–you’ll miss it. I can’t put every character into a Bi Pride T-shirt.

I only just realized while writing this essay that the love interests in my books, even the heterosexual ones, are often somewhere on the genderqueer spectrum. Remember what I said about desire? Is it that I wish for a partner who could “satisfy” a bisexual like me (presumably by covering a larger portion of the gender spectrum that I can be attracted to?), or is it that I am writing about myself, about the way I am pushed back and forth between the straight and gay categories by outside perception even though I myself haven’t changed?

But of course it’s a false dichotomy to ask if it’s one or the other. It’s both, it’s always both, and you’d think as a person who inhabits the gray area in the middle that I’d know that full well. Yet somehow even I have to work to overcome our natural human tendency to break everything into either/or.

“Forget or–embrace and,” one of my heroes is fond of advising. It’s advice perhaps we could all use. If we did, perhaps bisexuality invisibility would instead become the bisexual default. Romance novels–and love–would still be the same, but the palette of choice would be expanded. That only makes it even more exciting when you meet “the one” who makes you fall so hard you feel physically ill when you’re apart, like you literally cannot live without them. For now, for those who can’t live as out bisexuals or who can’t have all the flavors of love in their lives that they wish for, romance novels will have to be the next best thing. They’re a space where readers can try on emotions and relationship styles like costumes–where my invisible friends (and lovers) can become theirs, too.

Queer Romance Month runs throughout October, and celebrates love stories in all shades of the rainbow and in all shades of romance. Join us, and over a hundred LGBTQA+ authors and allies, for essays, flash fiction and much, much more.

Cecilia Tan is the award-winning author of many erotic romances and books of erotica, as well as the founder of Circlet Press. Since the publication of her first book, Telepaths Don’t Need Safewords, in 1992, she has been known as a pioneer in combining the erotic with science fiction and fantasy.

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Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp And Friends Write A Musical Toast To Decadence

Their collaborative project The Hollywood Vampires is a rock band, specializing in a macabre kind of historical fiction.

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Don’t write Stephen Colbert just yet

On Tuesday night, Stephen Colbert will do his first show as host of “The Late Show.” – Entertainment

GamersGate: The World's Largest Online Game Store

Happy Father’s Day To My Stepdad, Richard. (Mom MADE ME Write This)

Happy Father’s Day To My Stepdad, Richard. (Mom MADE ME Write This)

Happy Father’s Day To My Stepdad, Ric…
Brian writes a Happy Father’s Day article to his stepfather, Richard, even though he doesn’t want to.
Submitted by: mikescollins
Keywords: happy fathers day happy father's day fathers day father's day i hate my step-dad i hate my step-dad richard holiday son stepson stepfather half brother broken home broken family mother's day i hate my stepdad i really hate my stepdad
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47 Republican Senators Write Letter to Queen Demanding Congress Approves Royal Baby Name


Photography via VOA News (Public Domain)

The 47 letter writers, otherwise known as virtually all the Republicans in the Senate, have put pen to paper again.

Led once more by self-proclaimed international law expert Tom Cotton, the Senators have written to the Queen of England to express their profound displeasure at not being consulted about the new royal baby name.

Their latest missive was delivered to Buckingham Palace today and stated the following:

Dear Queen Elizabeth II, or if you prefer, dear Supreme Ruler of Great Britain,

It has come to our attention through leading diplomatic sources — People Magazine, The National Enquirer and The New York Post — that Her Royal Highness, Kate the Duchess of God-Knows-Where, has given birth to a child and named it Charlotte, Elizabeth, Diana without our permission.

We Americans would have undoubtedly chosen Jolene, Mary Lou or Tammy Fay. Thus, we consider the names that you have picked to be nuclear options and reflective of the growing proliferation in your country of names that are too British-sounding, to say the least.

This is unacceptable to us and may fundamentally undermine diplomatic relations between our two great nations. (Well we’re great. You however, are not, despite the fact that you still use the word “Great” in your country’s name.)

We are therefore writing to remind you that as you are a signatory of the North Atlantic Treaty Alliance — the entente that established NATO just in case you didn’t know — you will have to obtain agreement from the US Government before this baby’s name becomes official.

And although you may be tempted to deal with our lame duck and chicken-livered President, Barack Obama, on this matter, please be advised that Congress alone has the power to approve royal baby names! Which means dear Madam, you are going to have to negotiate with us!

So given our declared opposition to your chosen names, we would urge you to submit alternatives for our consideration. If Jolene, Mary Lou or Tammy Fay do not pass royal muster, we are prepared, in the interests of diplomacy, to consider Billie Jo, Peggy Sue, or Trixie Bell. At a push, we might even be persuaded to approve Chardonnay.

We hope this clarifies our position with regard to the royal baby name and we look forward to hearing from you forthwith.

As news of the letter to the Queen reverberated around Washington D.C., and outrage about it increased, 46 of the 47 Republican Senators who signed it ran for cover, leaving Tom Cotton holding the bag — or as Brits like to say, holding the baby.

Cotton, in a desperate attempt to avoid an international incident, said: “OK, OK, Chardonnay might be a name too far. Trixie Bell it is then! I will introduce a bill to that effect tomorrow and I expect it to be passed quickly by my colleagues in the House and the Senate.”

In a statement released by Buckingham Palace, the Queen also made her views known on the letter from the 47. She said: I would like to thank the 47 Republican Senators for sharing their thoughts with me on this matter. And I would particularly like to thank their ancestors for the American Declaration of Independence.”

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Why Do I Write About My Divorce?

Why do I write about my divorce? It’s a reasonable question. Often, when I’m asked I have to step back and evaluate who is doing the asking. Is it a genuine curiosity or a judgment? The answer is the similar either way. My ex is a very private person as are many of my friends. They can’t imagine ever sharing intimate details of their life in writing, much less online. They think I am an “over-sharer.” I get that. As long as I can remember, “talking it out” has always been my processing method. I detest passive aggressive behavior and always prefer to discuss, and even fight, if it means there might be resolution or better understanding. Writing about my divorce is just an extension of that processing.

I write about my divorce because I am not special. I am not an expert or a professional. I am not a celebrity or a politician. My divorce is not out of the ordinary. I am not particularly interesting. I am a suburban woman who is VERY close to 40. I am raising two girls and I work from home. I transplanted to Ohio from N.Y. and decided after 14 years of marriage and 20 years together, to get divorced. No one is writing a movie or sitcom for this one. I am not glamorous like the women who star in The Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. But, guess what? Neither are most of the women going through this. When I write and women respond, it’s because I am just regular and so are they. Seeing that someone else like them came out on the other side and did not combust, well that seems to be helpful. I know it was for me.

I write about my divorce because I felt so alone. I am blessed with an amazing family, friends and community. However, when this was happening, I have never felt more alone. Those who love you do their best to be there. The truth is, unless you have walked in my shoes, you simply cannot fully understand. When I started writing and sharing, women (and men) came out of the woodwork. Many called and wrote to share their experiences, to give support, guidance and just a shoulder. I felt understood. I started a “secret” group on Facebook with women in my community who had been or were going to where I was. Many of us hardly knew each other, but we are there to support each other daily and without question. These women have become sacred to me. I still often feel alone. Then days like today, someone from my past who was merely an acquaintance reaches out and asks to talk. Then I know I am doing the right thing.

I write about my divorce because I have daughters. Daughters who know that I write as a way of dealing with my feelings and who encourage me to do so. Daughters who I want to share themselves in whatever way feels right to them. Daughters who are strong and funny and smart and independent. Daughters who I am as honest with and who know they can tell me anything. Daughters who have their own feelings about all of this and who I encourage to express those feelings in creative ways as well. Daughters who I hope one day feel strong enough to make the best choices for themselves, no matter what life or society or anyone else might dictate. My mom has always been my biggest advocate and I’ll be theirs.

I write about my divorce because it’s cathartic for me and for others. Writing heals me, soothes me and helps me focus my feelings. When I publish it and others encourage me, that, too, is invigorating. Being helpful fills my soul and brings me a sense of purpose. Knowing that I am here to talk, to listen, to hold a hand or be a shoulder, that is immensely fulfilling for me.

I write about my divorce because the process sucks and I don’t want to pretend it doesn’t. I am not an advocate for divorce. I have no ability to paint a pretty or rosy picture. For the most part, divorce is a shit storm. Lawyers and courts and eight million versions of the same documents. Splitting up your marriage, time with your children, your possessions, the life you made, your friends, your family, your home — all of it sucks. Even the most civil, kind and gentle divorce is still life-altering and devastating. Everything changes and everything is different. Even if you wanted it, you don’t want it.

I write about my divorce because it’s not over when it’s done. I’ve written about that before, but it’s still true. I’ve not been at it long enough to know if eventually some sense of total normalcy is established. I hope so. Thus far, there are still issues and feelings and legalities to deal with on a regular basis. Co-parenting means you are entwined forever and navigating that is a delicate balance.

I write about my divorce because I can. Quite simply, I am the boss of me. I can now decide on my own what is best, what works and what makes sense in my life. I am working on letting go of other people’s judgment and my need for affirmation. I am working on the 2.0 of myself. I am working on my confidence, my spirit and feeding my soul. I am working on all of it and while I do, I get to share it.

So this is why I write about my divorce.

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Chris Daughtry to Recur, Write Music for Fox Dramedy ‘Studio City’

The former ‘American Idol’ contestant will return to the network.
Music News Headlines – Yahoo News

Lil Wayne — When Drake Humps Your Chick … Just Write a Book (TMZ TV)

Sure, Lil Wayne could have freaked out when he found out Drake banged his GF — but instead he chilled … mostly because he was locked up on Riker’s Island at the time. But now, Weezy’s found a way to cash in on Drizzy’s prolific penis — by writing a…


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My Stepmother Plan Was Harder to Write Than My Business Plan

As the daughter of an entrepreneur, it was always expected that I would create my own life path. My dad would tell me that people could achieve amazing things and although I had my fair share of hurdles, by my late twenties I was happily working for myself in a rewarding portfolio career. The academic in me loved the detail and ambition of the hypotheses I set myself and I was hungry to test out my ideas. I like plans; because without a plan, how can you measure your success?

This is not a post about how becoming a stepmother changed me and taught me compromise and patience. The qualities that make me good in business were not something I was willing to be flexible on. I have high standards and I wasn’t about to surrender to a messy home with chaotic bedtimes, a lack of personal space and feeling like an impostor. I loved my boyfriend but I was very clear that I wasn’t going to be the kind of stepmother that wrote forum posts out of exasperation at her partner mollycoddling brats and kowtowing to a woman he left in order to get out from under the thumb.

It was clear to me I needed some kind of plan but here was a situation where one of the largest stakeholders in my business (aka my new family) was someone I had never interviewed, let alone approved (the ex-wife). As for the co-founder (my husband), while not without his own charms, he was unconditionally attached to the junior members (my stepsons). With the organizational chart set in stone, I was evidently going to have to use every ounce of my creativity to find a mutually beneficial structure.

Kathryn’s Stepmother Plan:

1. Vision

A stepfamily which was harmonious and loving with the same nuclear family format that I grew up in. The parents are in charge together, backing each other up on all occasions. This mutual support is based upon absolute trust that each of them want the best for every member of the family.

2. Mission

To meet the demand for a family unit which nurtures each individual whilst maintaining a focus on the overall good of the organization.

3. Objectives

3.1 Have a working culture based upon mutual respect and cooperation.

I’m something of a home girl but that means I like arranging flowers next to the sofa and curling up with a good book. I’m nobody’s maid! Everyone in the house helps out with housework but everyone gets a say. Given that my toddler can load the dishwasher, I have unwavering faith in the capabilities of my stepsons. That faith is applied to their ability to choose where we go for the day just as often as it is to their ability to put laundry away.

3.2 Enable the personal goals and advancement of each individual

As a single parent my husband would have my stepsons together. One of my greatest contributions to our family has been giving them one to one time. My stepsons are very different people and enjoy different activities. Having their father entirely to themselves has been great for both kids. It also helps them appreciate that we like our time alone as well. We do not treat the children equally but we treat them with equal love.

3.3 Develop consensus for key values

I believe the three values which generate the most happiness are gratitude, living in the moment and developing meaningful relationships. I began asking the children to list three good things that had happened to them that day when I collected them from school. At first they struggled, but now they regularly point out things to me which make them happy. While never seeking to stifle their feelings, I was a fan of ‘Let it go’ long before we saw Frozen. They rarely complain about petty things in the past these days as they hate my singing (thanks for that one Disney!). As for meaningful relationships, I listened. Hard. I learned about them and looked for interests we could share.

4. Strategies

4.1 Ownership

I believe people are happiest when they have things which are their own; projects, space, belongings. As such, I sought to take on board the opinions of my stepsons from a very young age. I cut them the slack you would an apprentice but made it clear that I expected them to take responsibility for themselves. As they grew within our new family, their tasks and rewards increased.

4.2 Leadership

My worst boss was inconsistent, overly emotional and lacked vision. For my new team I knew that these were the characteristics I would most need to avoid. I don’t always get it right (I’m not sure I ever get it right!) but I know the boys view me as fair and reasonable. I apologize when I make mistakes and I never lie to them. They respect me because I work for it not because I demand it.

4.3 Team spirit

Prior to the arrival of my biological son, we were a gang. I haven’t let that fade. I make the effort for us to do things still as a foursome such as board games that are beyond their little brother’s understanding.

5. Action Plans

The number one plan within my plan is regular meetings at both board and company level with a safe space for discussion. Topics which have been covered include the meals we eat, where we’ll go on holiday and the “intern’s” behavior (the consensus was that the baby could stay).

This plan is an utterly simplistic summary of the last six years and as my eldest stepson begins to show hints of puberty I’m certain that I’m going to have to adapt fast. But I do believe that while we cannot plan a family, we can plan our behavior within it and for now I just appreciate that I haven’t been fired!
Divorce – The Huffington Post

Need to File for a Divorce!

To Write Love on Her Arms – Film Clip “I Want To Write Your Story”

ON DVD and Digital HD March 3rd!

Based on the true story that started a global movement, To Write Love on Her Arms presents a vision of hope, healing and redemption. Emmy® Award winner Kat Dennings (“2 Broke Girls”) stars as Renee, a Florida girl who struggles with addiction and abuse. In a creative blend of artistic fantasy and music conflicted with hard reality, Renee discovers the value of genuine friendships and embarks on a daunting yet courageous journey towards recovery. The film also stars Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend and Corbin Bleu.

Genre: Biography / Drama / Music
Cast: Kat Dennings, Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend, Mark Saul, Juliana Harkavy
Director: Nathan Frankowski
Screenplay By: Kate King Lynch

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To Write Love on Her Arms Movie – OFFICIAL TRAILER


Based on the true story that started a global movement, To Write Love on Her Arms presents a vision of hope, healing and redemption. Emmy® Award winner Kat Dennings (“2 Broke Girls”) stars as Renee, a Florida girl who struggles with addiction and abuse. In a creative blend of artistic fantasy and music conflicted with hard reality, Renee discovers the value of genuine friendships and embarks on a daunting yet courageous journey towards recovery. The film also stars Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend and Corbin Bleu.

Genre: Biography / Drama / Music
Cast: Kat Dennings, Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend, Mark Saul, Juliana Harkavy
Director: Nathan Frankowski
Screenplay By: Kate King Lynch

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To Write Love on Her Arms Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Kat Dennings, Chad Michael Murray Movie HD

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To Write Love on Her Arms Official Trailer #1 (2015) – Kat Dennings, Chad Michael Murray Movie HD

Based on the true story that started a global movement, To Write Love on Her Arms presents a vision of hope, healing and redemption. Emmy® Award winner Kat Dennings (“2 Broke Girls”) stars as Renee, a Florida girl who struggles with addiction and abuse. In a creative blend of artistic fantasy and music conflicted with hard reality, Renee discovers the value of genuine friendships and embarks on a daunting yet courageous journey towards recovery. The film also stars Chad Michael Murray, Rupert Friend and Corbin Bleu.

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Katy Perry offers to write a campaign song for Hillary Clinton

MSN Music: News
ADULT ENTERTAINMENT NEWS UPDATE:Gabby Love’s top pick! Click and enjoy!